Friday 28 September 2012

Today I evaluated the Grade 5s on their recall of the french numbers from 1-10, as well as being able to identify selected numbers in french or translate from english. As this was done all out loud, I record each student so I can evaluate pronunciation and recall. I’ve edited one mystery student’s recording… can you guess who has this excellent french accent?


Our class has begun collecting digital memories of some of the activities that are part of school life at Brooksbank for a future video podcast. For now, we just have a very short clip of the Terry Fox run from yesterday.


No new math homework… we worked in class on respective pages.


Reminder: This Monday 1 October is a school-based Professional Development (“PD”) day at Brooksbank, and students do not attend.

Also, P.E. strip should be laundered weekly please.


Thursday 27 September 2012

Gr. 5s should be prepared to be assessed on their recall of the French numbers from 0-10, and our basic greeting dialogue.


Parents, I am putting out a call for ‘AA’ batteries if you can spare a few for our set of digital cameras.


Today we had great weather for the Terry Fox run. Fabulous effort on everyone’s part, including some of our very own

Gr. 4/5 photojournalists who captured some images from the event.


No homework this evening.

Wednesday 26 September 2012


No math homework, but just so you are aware…

Gr 4s are learning about comparing and ordering numbers. In plain english, comparing means saying which of two numbers is bigger; ordering means putting three or more numbers in order, either from smallest to largest (usually “from least to greatest”) or from biggest to littlest (“from greatest to least”); they are also using the > sign (which means greater than), the < sign (lesser than), and of course the = sign (equals).


Gr. 5s are exploring different ways of making an educated guess when you are having to guess at what a series of numbers would add up to. Our page today talked about a fast (but no so terribly accurate) way of estimating called front-end rounding; and another method (also easy to do, and slightly more accurate) called compensation.


Social studies: Both grades have a map labelling and colouring assignment (Th).


Tomorrow is our Terry Fox run shortly after 2:00 pm.

Tuesday addendum

 We just heard that the Photo retakes have been scheduled for Wednesday 24 October 2012 at 11:00 a.m.

Download this file

Also, I’ve attached some titles of books that come highly recommended by some of our students. These books have been read in the last month or so. More to come…

Tuesday 25 September 2012


Language Arts:

Gr 4 & 5:  Grammar quiz to be signed by a parent (W). If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email me or call, but I just like to have parents see what is being taught, and how well your child is doing on that quiz. I’d like the quiz to come back to school tomorrow, and they go in a “Tests” duo tang for review later.



Gr. 5 only: p. 45 # 6, 7, 8, 11, 13 (W)


Social Studies:

Gr. 4s only: Map colouring (W). In this activity, students traced a blank map of Canada, then transferred provincial and territorial borders, then added the 13 names of provinces and territories, and now they are to do some colouring, according to how I taught them: only on the outside margins of the provinces, very lightly, no adjacent colours to be too close to confuse us as to which is which, no colouring overtop of a word, and use the side of a pencil crayon to avoid scribbling-type lines. Finally, the place names should be gone over with a black fineliner pen.



Gr 5s only: I’ll be recording their ability to say the numbers from 1-10 from French to English and from English to French over the next couple of days. We’ve also been practicing a very short greeting between two people.



Photo orders are due in tomorrow (W).

Terry Fox run is this Thursday afternoon (27 September)

Monday 24 September 2012



Journals (T)

Students were asked to write two paragraphs: the first, clearly fantasy; the second more serious. The title is “If Only…”. In the first paragraph students were encouraged to write about how their teacher could be improved, such as “If only my teacher had long flowing blonde hair”, or perhaps “if only my teacher rewarded hard work with unlimited candy”, etc. That paragraph needs a topic sentence to start it off! The wilder or sillier the better. It is not supposed to be real at all. The second paragraph should convey a more serious tone right from its first sentence, because this is where children can offer constructive criticism on how their teacher could improve the classroom life of students. “If only my teacher would listen to me before speaking” or perhaps “It would be nice if our teacher encouraged us to reach for the moon”. These are examples only, but I would like the two paragraphs completed for Tuesday morning.



Gr 4s handed in p. 12/13 for marking;

Gr 5s need to have p. 45 # 1-5 completed for Tuesday morning.



Twoonies for Terry Fox. If your child feels so moved, a small donation in the name of Terry Fox would be appreciated!

Also, photo orders must be in by this Wednesday 26 September

Friday 21 September 2012

Today we had a Bee Friendly presentation in the Library by two beekeepers, Ric and Sharon, who worked with our school last year as well. This will be the start of our second year when Ms. Reichert’s class and Mr. Clarke’s class are designated “Bee Guardians”. Once a month Ric and Sharon will join us in our classes to share knowledge and enthusiasm for protecting our rapidly declining numbers and species of bees. Our efforts will positivelly make a difference, which is good for the local flowers and vegetables (important since we have Gerry’s Garden, as well as the Loutet Farm right at our back yard), but it is also good for the bees, and good for the children. As a result of our efforts last year, Brooksbank School won a City of North Vancouver Environmental Stewardship award from Mayor Mussatto and Council. Ms. Reichert and I are very please to be able to take part in this vital and fascinating project.



Gr. 4s received a new handout (p. 12/13) which is due Monday.

Gr. 5s are working on p. 45 # 1-5, but they will get time on Monday to complete it.


A reminder if you are going to place an order for your child’s photo (or if you’d like a retake), the deadline to return the envelope indicating so is due Wednesday 26 September.