Monday 24 September 2012



Journals (T)

Students were asked to write two paragraphs: the first, clearly fantasy; the second more serious. The title is “If Only…”. In the first paragraph students were encouraged to write about how their teacher could be improved, such as “If only my teacher had long flowing blonde hair”, or perhaps “if only my teacher rewarded hard work with unlimited candy”, etc. That paragraph needs a topic sentence to start it off! The wilder or sillier the better. It is not supposed to be real at all. The second paragraph should convey a more serious tone right from its first sentence, because this is where children can offer constructive criticism on how their teacher could improve the classroom life of students. “If only my teacher would listen to me before speaking” or perhaps “It would be nice if our teacher encouraged us to reach for the moon”. These are examples only, but I would like the two paragraphs completed for Tuesday morning.



Gr 4s handed in p. 12/13 for marking;

Gr 5s need to have p. 45 # 1-5 completed for Tuesday morning.



Twoonies for Terry Fox. If your child feels so moved, a small donation in the name of Terry Fox would be appreciated!

Also, photo orders must be in by this Wednesday 26 September