Merry Christmas to all!

May the spirit of Christmas fill your days with light and love. See you in January! Enjoy the holidays.

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Our Bee Friendly pilot project is in the News

At Arlene Martin’s suggestion, we called the North Shore News to photograph our Bee Friendly “seed bomb”-making day a month ago. Ric and Sharon, the expert bee keepers, come and work with Division 3 & 4 (Clarke & Reichert) every month. This winter we will be learning lots about the anatomy and habits of all different kinds of native bees, and we will be constructing tube-like homes for the Mason Bee. This is a pilot program that could see adoption by other schools in the years to come, but for now, we are the lucky ones that get to have all the fun!



Thursday 15 December

Congratulations to the Choir members! Performing in busy public spaces (like the Lynn Valley Centre) is a great experience, both for the children and the passersby. I wish I could have been there to hear them! Thanks to Ms. K. for leading the choir and helping to meld those voices into a lovely sound. I'm sure the choir's efforts paid off handsomely today.

Well done all!

Our hallways at Brooksbank will be painted in the days ahead, so artwork and posters are coming off the walls in anticipation of that, and will be sent home with students.

Monday 12 December


As part of the digestive system, students were to record everything they ate or drank for one day from getting up in the morning until bedtime that night. From that survey of their own eating, they were to use a handout to determine how many servings from each food group they likely consumed.

That Food Servings summary is due Tuesday.