Friday 28 January 2011


Gr. 4's:  No homework
Gr. 5's:  p. 192  # 3 (T)

Language Arts:
A reminder that January's poem and story need to be typed for next week (T).

Monday 31 January is a school-based Professional Development (PD) day, and students do not attend. We have over 90 teachers coming to attend an all-day Math workshop.

Foundation Skills Assessment (FSA) testing begins next week for Grade 4s (only). There will be 4.5 hours of testing done over the subsequent 9 school days regarding reading, writing, and numeracy. For this reason, only two periods of math instruction will be taught over the next two weeks as all the other time math would normally be taught will be devoted to writing these government-mandated tests. 1.5 hours is done using computers; the rest is done on paper.

Science Fair project:
Reminder that Gr. 5s are required to do an experiment while Gr. 4s may choose to do a demonstration, or tackle an experiment. Both require research and writing, however only the experiment must follow a certain layout (posted several weeks ago here… just scroll down and/or back in time).

The next deadline is that students need to acquire a 3-panel display board (which can be bought, or made) by February 1st (Tuesday of next week).

To be further prepared, it is strongly recommended that all experiments or building of a model or a demonstration be completed a week from today (Friday 4 February). That way, your child will have the following week to assemble and type up their writing, get the display board completed, and begin to practice their 3-minute speech to the class.

The completed display board and the write-up is due at school Friday 11 February.

Presentations to the class by individual students begins the following Monday and continues into Tuesday (February 14/15).

Students show the rest of the Intermediates their science fair project during the day of Wednesday 16 February. That night, parents and students attend (starting at 6:30 pm) where all projects will be on display in classrooms and the hallways of Area A.


Wednesday 26 January 2011

Salmon Arrive!

Today we took delivery of more than 100 wild salmon eggs! Very exciting! Our aquarium has been set up and running for days in preparation for today's precious cargo.

We'll keep them in the classroom till about the second week of April (so they get past the high-mortality stages of egg and alevin into the relatively safe phase (fry) where their survival is more likely).

See pictures and short video posted here.


Language Arts:
Grammar quiz to be signed (F)

Gr. 4:  p. 187 # 3, 4 (F)
Gr. 5:  p. 189  # 2-12 (F)

Tuesday 25 January 2011

Sorry that I was unable to update the web site yesterday or even this morning due to no internet connection from my class.

Yesterday (Monday), I taught the children a way to use the right side of their duotangs for point form notes (PFN), while using the left side of the duotang to form questions whose answers could be found on the right side. I then assigned a page or two of Social Studies as a practice.

Social Studies:
Gr. 4:  p. 51-52 PFN & Questions (T)
Gr. 5:  p. 122-124 PFN & Questions (T)

Gr. 4  p. 184 # 1-6 (W)
Gr. 5  p. 189 # 1 (W)