Monday 17 December 2012

Wow. I’m so proud of our class. We went out collecting donated food during our Jingle Walk this afternoon, right during a cloudburst of wind/rain/hail. We got soaked, and we got cold, but we also collected a carload of donated goods, thanks to the generosity of our neighbours! A special thanks to Lucy and Penny for walking with us, and for Kathy who was our patient driver… we couldn’t have done it without them. I didn’t hear one whining or complaining voice, although there was lots to whine and complain about. Kudos to the whole class for their “can do” attitude!


Christmas Concert tomorrow (Tuesday 18 December at 7:00 pm) at Centennial Theatre.

Just a reminder that students need to be dressed appropriately for the concert. For boys a good white shirt (collar, not t-shirt)… and we have lots if your son needs to borrow one. Girls will be wearing tights or leggings underneath their red poodle skirt (which are being supplied). All students should be dropped off at the door by the loading entrance on the east side of the Theatre at 6:40 p.m. Parents are not allowed backstage. Your child will be met at the stage door by teachers and escorted inside. Parents will be able to wait inside in the lobby for the doors to open. Don’t forget to bring your tickets! The event is sold out, so it should be a great night!


Friday 14 December 2012

Jingle Walk volunteer(s) needed.

Today we successfully distributed flyers to almost 150 homes, asking them to take part in our “Jingle Walk” by having non-perishable food ready for donation pick up Monday afternoon.

I’d like to have one parent who can drive beside us and another parent to walk with us this Monday, December 17, 2012 after lunch from 1:15 pm to about 2:15 or 2:30.

If you’re available, and are willing to help out, could you email me please?

p clarke at nvsd 44 dot bc dot ca

In the attached picture, our class is taking a much-needed break after the rigors of up hill and down dale. The good news is: no rain today! I’m not so sure about Monday though!   ;-(



No homework this weekend.


Monday 10 December 2012



Students have been following Chris Hadfield as he prepares for another trip to space, to take command of the International Space Station for 6 months. They have started a journal entry (and in some cases finished it), but for many they will need to complete it tonight. (T)




Unless students have blogged over the weekend, it is probably a good time to post another blog. Comments to the classes we follow in the USA, in the UK, or the UAE are always welcome.


Reminder: Ski trip forms should be handed in at the office asap. Similarly so with tennis forms.


TlhisThursday we will be testing for the 11 times tables.

Friday 7 December 2012

Notices went home today for the tennis program in the New Year, and to announce an extracurricular ski program on Grouse Mountain in the New Year. Those noticies ought to be returned asap to the school.


In Math, the Gr. 5 students are working on multiplication (Unit 3 in the Gr. 5 Math textbook and on additional math handouts). Gr. 4 students are working on multiples and multiplying, which is also Unit 3 in their text, along with additional math handouts. As expected, everyone did well on their 10 times tables. Next Thursday students will be tested on their 11 times tables.