Monday 29 November 2010

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Gr. 4: p. 135 # 4-8 (T)
Gr. 5: No math homework (optional title page)

(Only Gr 5 students study French… it does not apply to Gr 4 students)
Use the attached “Bonjour/Au Revoir” study sheet to learn the
spellings of this short dialogue. Quiz on Tuesday. If you see the
english phrase or name, you need to be able to write the French phrase
or name, and vice versa if you see it in French you need to be able to
write it in english.

Social Studies:
River Diorama (December 6)


Friday 26 November 2010


Gr 4: p. 134 # 1-3 (M)
Gr 5: No homework

Social Studies:
River Diorama (December 6). By the way, I encourage students to set an
earlier due date to ensure they won’t be late. For example, since the
actual due date is Monday 6 December, I suggested students consider
making Friday 3 December their personal due date. That way they will
not only have it done on time, they’ll be early and will therefore
have the whole weekend to relax. Contrast that scenario with leaving
it too late, staying up late the night before and having to deal with
frustration and panic.

Report cards went home today (Friday), and I’d very much like to see
every child’s parent(s) next week on either Tuesday or Wednesday for
afternoon/early evening parent/teacher interviews. Well done, if
you’ve already signed up for a time slot. If not, please call the
school on Monday and ask the Office staff to help you find an
available time. Thank you so much for taking the time to meet with
me… that will go a long way towards ensuring your child’s success in
the coming months.

Wednesday 24 November 2010

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Gr. 4: p. 131 # 6 – 10 and “Reflect” (F)

Gr. 5: Chapter 2 test (F)
and… p. 66 # 5-13 (F)

Social Studies:
River Diorama (December 6). I’ve attached a PDF of the river features
I have handed out to the students. There is no handout as to how to
make the shoebox diorama, but there are lots of online sites for that,

Scholastic Book Order:
The final scholastic book order before Christmas went out to kids
today. Remember, I do not accept any orders with cash in them…
cheques only please and thank you (made out to Scholastic Canada
Ltd.). I’ve asked that the orders be back in to me no later than this
Friday 26 November. I know that’s quick, but I’m trying to avoid the
Christmas rush. If you are thinking of a surprise Christmas present
for someone, this is a good time for that! Just speak to me privately.

Report cards go home this Friday 26 November, with early dismissal at
2:00 pm for Parent Teacher Interviews next Tuesday (30 November) and
Thursday (2 December). Dismissal times therefore for next week are:
M: 3:00
T: 2:00
W: 2:25
Th: 2:00
F: 3:00

Many of you have already signed up for an interview (thank you!). If
you haven’t, the easiest way is to call the school (604) 903-3200 and
ask a secretary find a time slot that is available and convenient and
have them sign you up. My interviews are on Tuesday and Wednesday only
of next week.

Children are welcome to attend the interview with you and me. After
all, it’s all about their progress. On the other hand for this
interview they do not *need* to attend. It is your choice, although my
preference is that they accompany you.

We have 15-minute slots, so please arrive with questions ready so we
can be efficient with our time. If you cannot find a convenient time,
or need more time, please call to arrange a time separate from these
report card interview times.

Tuesday 23 November 2010


Gr. 4: No homework
Gr. 5: Quiz on Chptr 2 (F)
Gr.5: p. 66 # 1-4 (W)

Students are to make a shoebox diorama showing a mountainside (in 3-D)
and the rivers and river features (labeled) that are shown in the
handout: “What is a River?”. It cannot be bigger than a shoebox, but
if you don’t have a shoebox, you can make a suitably-sized diorama out
of a cereal box cut up and pasted together. The diorama could be made
out of crumpled newspaper, covered in paper mache (strips of paper
towel soaked in equal parts flour water and a bit of salt), then
painted; or it could be made out of construction paper; or it could be
made out of clay (although that would take a lot of clay), etc. A
quick look on the internet will show many helpful sites, but I’d start
at because it has so many easy ideas,
well-explained (sometimes even with video) and thoroughly

The purpose of this diorama is to learn and display several features
of a river. Not all of the features on the handout need to be
included, but a good many do need to be represented, and labeled.

The project is due Monday 6 December 2010.

Tuesday 16 November 2010

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Gr. 4: p. 88 # 1-5 (W)
Gr. 5: Prepare for Rounding quiz (W)

We did a weather experiment today where we shone a hot light on a pan
of water and on a pan of soil. The results were surprising. For many
students this may be the first time they’ve been asked to do a science
experiment write-up, so we are proceeding slowly and doing it
in-class. I’ll post the results here in case your child needs to check
their own results for accuracy. Because we are doing this in the
classroom, there is no homework exactly, rather this is a heads up for

Because of illnesses, several students will be writing their Socials
quiz on Wednesday to get caught up. If your child was absent yesterday
(Monday), they will need to be prepared to write the quiz upon their

Monday 15 November 2010


Gr. 4: Practice 2x multiplication tables
Gr. 5: p. 55 # 1-8 (T)

In the computer lab today, we spent some time on times tables for both
grade 4 and grade 5. The objective is to start with the simple times
tables and work up to the harder ones. Students should aim for instant
recall. That is, when they see 6 x 3 they should instantly think 18.
There is no point taking the time to figure out what 6 x 3 is. They
should just memorize it. Flash cards (Indigo books, dollar stores,
etc.) work well, or you can do it online (free) at the site we were on

Point your browser to:

…or if you have a favourite, pass it along!

Wednesday 10 November 2010

Thanks to all those parents who were able to join us for an hour last night at Brooksbank's "I Love Math" event. Lots of families came out and enjoyed a shared math experience… which is something as families we don't often do. It was lots of fun!


No new homework, but there is a Social Studies Quiz on Monday. For Grade 4s the quiz is based on their booklet. For Grade 5s, their quiz is based on their two booklets (including the 7 physical regions of Canada).

No school this week on Thursday or Friday.