Argyle Film Students

This fall I led a team of Brooksbank Grade 6 and 7 students as we made a video in support of a grant application for technology.

At Arlene Martin’s suggestion, I contacted Ryanne Bergler at Argyle High School (she teaches Film, and is one of the two teachers who guide and run Argyle’s “Digital Media Academy”) to see if she had some students that could help us with the editing of our rough cuts. Ryanne set us up with three wonderful Grade 12 students, Katie Watson, Tessa Stickney, and Davis van Renesse. These three proved their talent many times over as they worked collaboratively with our students, showed true leadership and an unerring artistic eye, and were fabulous role models for our younger students. It was a pleasure to meet them, and to work with them. Thanks too, to Arlene for covering for me while I took our film students to Argyle on two occasions. This was such a fun collaboration! By the way, we find out the results of the grant competition in the new year. Fingers crossed!!