Wednesday 29 February 2012

Happy Leap day!

Today was also Pink Shirt day, and as a class we looked fabulous. Mrs. Martin had us go outside and took pictures which will go on her blog I'm sure! We, and the whole school were a sea of pink… indicating a strong anti-bullying, pro-tolerance stand.


Grade 5s should have the Island of the Blue Dolphin read by tomorrow (TH)

Gr. 5s: p. 137 # 5, 6, "Reflect" (Th)
Gr. 6s: p. 127 # 1, 2, 4, 5 (Th)

Gr. 5 p. 51 Understand what Naturalization is and the three steps to it, and understand (but not memorize) the content of the Citizenlship Oath. (Th)
Gr. 6: The "KWL" chart on Japan should be updated with our look at the physical geography of its four main islands, and especially the lowland plains. This is not so much due, as it is adding to the ongoing knowledge we have of Japan and its culture.

Children may want to participate in our fundraising efforts via "Jump Rope for Heart" (research into Heart and Stroke disease). The school is trying to raise $4500, and we were still short by $1300 earlier today. Any amount would help.

Those that participated in the "Vancouver Giants Read to Succeed" program should have their form on hand. Tomorrow (Th) we have a follow-up assembly with members of the Vancouver Giants at 9:50 a.m.

Tuesday 28 February 2012

To the parents of Grade 6 students, and to the students themselves I have to say sorry. On Monday I asked students to do a few questions starting on page 127, but then wrote the wrong page on the homework board. I then compounded the confusion by “correcting” the page incorrectly. If my job was to sew confusion, I’d say I succeeded mightily. Again, apologies to all concerned.

Under no circumstances should the Gr. 6 students feel obligated to complete math homework tonight. I will deal with it during the day, and will allow time for all to get the 4 questions done in class.

Students at Brooksbank will be dismissed an hour early next week for Parent/Teacher conferences (from 2:00 p.m to 3:00 pm) on Tuesday March 6 and Thursday March 8. I’ll post a sign-up sheet outside my class if you would like to come in for a conference with me about your child’s progress.

On another note, you should see us all in our Pink Shirt glory. What a sight we’ll be tomorrow!

Tuesday 21 February 2012


Earlier we began a response to the novel "Maniac Magee" and the theme of racism. Students will be given additional time in class to complete this assignment, so it is not required to be completed for homework.

Social Studies:
Several Gr 5 & 6 students have not handed in their most recent assignment:
Gr. 5  p. 49 "Try This" (due today)
Gr. 6  Start a KWL chart on Japan (K column for things they already know about Japan; W column for things they wonder about Japan; and the last column should be blank as of today… but will have items added to it next week.

Students were given an assignment called "Managing the Facts" which had three parts that needed completion (Th)

We Won!

Our class won this hardcover, Caldecott-Medal winning book from the Scholastic Book Fair today. Any child may read it… but only after I’m done with it!


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