Thursday 8 December 2011


Several of the Grade 5s had difficulties with repeated subtraction, or were involved in the Band concert at school last night and couldn't get their homework done. Not to worry. Thanks for those who took the time to write a note in the planner. I myself went to the Band concert, so you'd think I would have realized not to assign homework that night, but I didn't. Tomorrow (Friday) we'll go over the math and hopefully straighten out any confusion.

The kids in Division 3 and 4 have been invited to take part (optionally) in an essay-writing activity in support of a grant we'll be making to  Check out the details on my most recent blog here:

Also, I'll be uploading pictures from our latest "Bee Friendly" session with Ric and Sharon, as well as a couple from our band concert, at which our class was well represented!