Thursday 13 September 2012


French (Gr. 5 only): Practice saying the numbers from 1-10 in French aloud. (see previous posting for some YouTube links.)

Reading: (Gr. 4 & 5): In our read-aloud book ("Because of Winn-Dixie") we just met a character called Otis. Students copied this down:

In Winn-Dixie, we met Otis at the Pet Store. I think he is like this…


Their homework for tonight is to write in point form what they actually think Otis is like on the inside, based on what we read in class today. The students are having to make inferences, which is a great strategy for improving reading comprehension.It is due Friday.


If you can make it to tonight's "Meet the Teacher" event that would be great! Here's the schedule:

6:15  Classroom Presentations for Divisions 7 – 14   – (that does not include you or I… don't come at this time to see me! This is for parents of children in Grade 3 and under)
6:45  Whole School in the gym (introductions etc)   (if you don't have a younger child at Brooksbank, that's where you and I should first be starting at 6:45 pm)
7:10  Classroom Presentations for Divisions 1-6   –  (that is, we'll move to my classroom… Gr. 4/5 in Room 105)

We'll take about 20 minutes, and should be done by 7:30 p.m.