Wednesday 26 September 2012


No math homework, but just so you are aware…

Gr 4s are learning about comparing and ordering numbers. In plain english, comparing means saying which of two numbers is bigger; ordering means putting three or more numbers in order, either from smallest to largest (usually “from least to greatest”) or from biggest to littlest (“from greatest to least”); they are also using the > sign (which means greater than), the < sign (lesser than), and of course the = sign (equals).


Gr. 5s are exploring different ways of making an educated guess when you are having to guess at what a series of numbers would add up to. Our page today talked about a fast (but no so terribly accurate) way of estimating called front-end rounding; and another method (also easy to do, and slightly more accurate) called compensation.


Social studies: Both grades have a map labelling and colouring assignment (Th).


Tomorrow is our Terry Fox run shortly after 2:00 pm.