Monday 10 September 2012


Reading:  Students received a handout ("Wallenda" crossing Niagara Falls) today. We read it together, but I suggest students re-read it at home to thoroughly understand it. Their assignment is to make *inferences* about Mr. Wallenda's character (his skills, personality, beliefs, values, and accomplishments) from the facts. I gave students this example:
Clue:  The cable is 550 metres long. Inference: Mr. Wallenda must be in good physical condition, and have excellent balance.

This assignment is due tomorrow morning (Tuesday). Note that the mini-biography is not part of the assignment, just the inferences, and what clues led to those inferences.

You may have noticed some problems with this class homework blog. I am in communication with the host (Posterous), but we are still experiencing some difficulties. One post took 20 hours to get online, and others have been immediate, leaving them somewhat out of chronological order. Please bear with me while I get this sorted out.