Friday 21 September 2012

Today we had a Bee Friendly presentation in the Library by two beekeepers, Ric and Sharon, who worked with our school last year as well. This will be the start of our second year when Ms. Reichert’s class and Mr. Clarke’s class are designated “Bee Guardians”. Once a month Ric and Sharon will join us in our classes to share knowledge and enthusiasm for protecting our rapidly declining numbers and species of bees. Our efforts will positivelly make a difference, which is good for the local flowers and vegetables (important since we have Gerry’s Garden, as well as the Loutet Farm right at our back yard), but it is also good for the bees, and good for the children. As a result of our efforts last year, Brooksbank School won a City of North Vancouver Environmental Stewardship award from Mayor Mussatto and Council. Ms. Reichert and I are very please to be able to take part in this vital and fascinating project.



Gr. 4s received a new handout (p. 12/13) which is due Monday.

Gr. 5s are working on p. 45 # 1-5, but they will get time on Monday to complete it.


A reminder if you are going to place an order for your child’s photo (or if you’d like a retake), the deadline to return the envelope indicating so is due Wednesday 26 September.