Friday 14 September 2012

We’ve completed our second week of school, and routines and best practices are being put in place!

This process takes time, and there are so many items to attend to, but for me the most important thing is this: has your child got either their duo tangs or their binder organized and are the assignments neat and in order by date? If you pick your child up after school, you might take 5 minutes one day soon and ask your child to show you their desk and a sampling of their duo tangs/binder sections. Puttting handouts or their own notes in order by date is a crucial skill which I emphasize especially at this time of year. Good habits established now pay off all year long, and your active interest and encouragement can really help motivate your child to keep this high level of organization and neatness until it becomes a habit.



Gr. 4 p. 36 # 1-4 (M)

Gr. 5: p. 41, # 1-4 (M)

Our first Scholastic book order went home today, and is due this coming Tuesday 18 September. Just a few reminders about Scholastic book orders:

-it is entirely optional

-I can’t extend the deadline

-cheques only please, please, please!


I can’t send cash through the mail. Cheques only for that reason (made out to Scholastic Canada Ltd.) please!


To those who were able to attend the Meet the Teacher event last night (or who sent regrets), many thanks for taking the time. We had a pretty full classroom, and that is a good sign! Any time you have a concern you should know you can call the school and ask for me, or email me. My work email address is

p  clarke  at  nvsd44   dot  bc  dot   ca   

I’ve written it this way to avoid spam bots who troll for email addresses … so in the above address, omit the spaces, use the @ in place of the word ‘at’, and replace the word dot with a period).


This is, as I say, my work email address. I try to check it every working day, and should respond by the next day. I do like to reserve weekends and evenings for my own pursuits so I usually don’t respond at those times.