Wednesday 12 September 2012


Gr. 5s begin learning French (4s do not, just Gr. 5s), and today we began learning how to pronounce the numbers from 1-10 in French. As I told the students, we don't worry about the spelling of these words initially, just the pronunciation. There are enough silent letters, accented letters, and "foreign-looking" (!) spellings that I have found greater success if I can get the kids to focus just on pronunciation. We'll tackle the spelling later once the pronunciation is firmly entrenched.

To that end, YouTube can be a great help. Doing a YouTube search for "French Numbers" or "French Numbers 1-10" will reveal a host of excellent short videos that provide very good accented french pronunciation. Of course, there are some that are not of excellent quality, and a few for-profit sites (usually aimed at business people), but with a little searching you can find lots of free videos that provide great repetition of the correct pronunciation. They often provide the spelling too, and while I wouldn't necessarily avoid those, I also wouldn't require it at this time. Some use music, and that can be very effective too. Here are just a few sites you and your child might like to try out:

Hope to see you at the Meet the Teacher night tomorrow (Thursday 6:15 pm)!