Monday 14 January, 2013

Salmon_Spawning.doc Download this file


We viewed several videos today, shot from underwater, or above rivers, showing the kinds of stream beds that salmon favour for spawning (rocky or gravel bottoms), and we watched as some salmon spawned.


Two videos we watched were here:

We then summarized our learning with three sections: new vocabulary, Needs, and obstacles. That was  compiled into the attached doc.


Thursday 10 January 2013

The salmon are coming! The salmon are coming!

In Science we are studying Renewable and Non-renewable Resources of BC, and we will start with a study of the Pacific salmon. In less than two weeks we will receive over 100 wild salmon eggs which we will raise until they hatch and grow into strong little fry, in April, at which point we will release them back into the wild.

Our first handout was available today, and I’ve posted it here too.


Tomorrow we will have a short quiz on the life cycle of the Pacific salmon (F).

I’d also like the students to have their title page for the Salmon unit handed in too (F).


Reminder: Students should be preparing for a timed test on the 9 times tables (next week).


Also, if students haven’t posted a new blog today, they should do so tomorrow, for this is “our” week to shine. The next several weeks we will be reading and commenting on blogs from our other partner schools.


Finally, if there aren’t any last minute book orders, we’ll send the January Scholastic order in  tomorrow (F).