Tuesday 8 January 2013

Roman Numeral challlenge from yesterday:

Q: If you can only use I, V, X, L, and C, what is the largest number you can make?

A: 399  (CCCXCIX)


Today we worked on coming up with our own divisibility rules. Some are easy (like the rule to know if any number is divisible by 5 (it always ends with a 5 or a 0), some are harder (like the divisibility rule for 9: add the digits together; if they equal 9, then the number is divisible by 9. Eg: 54 = 5 + 4 which does = 9 so 54 is divisible by 9. Eg: 378 = (3+7+8) = 18 = (1+8) = 9 so 378 is also divisible by 9, but 4004 (4 + 4 ) = 8 is not divisible by 9.


Scholastic Book Order:

The January book order has been made available to students. If you’d like to take part, please have the orders (cheques only please, no cash) in to me by Thursday.


Salmon in the classroom:

As I have done for many years, I have signed our class up for the Salmonids in the Classroom program. In about 2 weeks we will receive over 100 wild salmon eggs which we will incubate until they are ready to be released back into the wild after the Spring Break. Accordingly we will get our tank set up about a week early (ie: next week) so our water for the salmon to live in will be properly conditioned for their arrival.