Wednesday 21 November 2012

1) Plant or Animal of BC Presentation

It seems that many students are ready early to do their presentations about a BC plant or animal. Goodness! What a wonderful place to be in! I suggested that even though the deadline is Friday, they might want to pick a private due date a day or two in advance to relieve stress, and perhaps that has helped. In any case, if students want to present starting tomorrow (Thursday) I will make space and time in our day for that. Otherwise students must be ready by Friday morning.

For those who have chosen a digital presentation, I strongly suggest they bring in their files on a USB stick to see if your files will work on the school’s computers. Sure enough, we’ve had two that will not work. That’s the sort of thing we want to know early, not Friday. Partly for that reason, many students have elected to do a paper version… I consider that equally acceptable. The criteria remain the same for both kinds of presentations: speak for 1 to 2 minutes, focus on habitat, adaptations, life cycle, food, and include a few pictures. Presenters are welcome to jot down point form notes or topics on an index card and have that with them, but they should not be reading off the cards, or from the screen. They should be speaking to the class. I encouraged the class to practice out loud at home and to time themselves so they aren’t much too long nor too short.


2) Blogging

Wow! We have some very talented writers, and it is garnering a lot of attention from many parts of the world. We’ve had comments from sister schools in the U.K., from Saskatoon, from Wisconsin, and recently from Oklahoma. This week schools are reading our blogs, so I’ve asked that your child plan for and write one new post every day this week. Today should see the third post sent to me for approval. Next week we’ll be doing more reading and commenting of blogs (which is easier by far), but for now we keep the pressure on to produce great quality writing… one new piece each day till Friday. Students (and parents/grandparents, etc.,) are welcome to read and comment on our sister school’s blogs too, of course!


3) Multicultural Lunch

The multicultural lunch was a hit! Thanks so much for your support in helping with food contributions, clothing, etc. So many different kinds of food for lunch today, and it was so delicious!