Tuesday 13 November 2013


1)     Donation for the Remembrance Day Poppy fund (W) for those who wish to take part.

2)     BC Animal or Plant Project:

·                Choose a plant or an animal from BC to research.

·                see p 181 of the Science text for content

·                consider a digital slideshow

·                show us what you know about that animal and its habitat.

·                due Fri. 23 Nov.

Choose to do either a paper version or a digital version (not both).

Be prepared to talk to the class about your chosen plant or animal for 1 – 2 minutes… keep it brief!

If you choose the digital version, speak to me first to get the technical issues ironed out well before the due date.

Keep in mind, our focus is on habitat. You need to learn about the typical habitat that can support your chosen plant or animal.

No zoo animals, no farm animals, no pets. No plants introduced to our area, no garden plants, no farm plants. ONLY wild animals or wild plants found native to BC.

Use the internet or library to do your research.

Page 181 of the Science text “Organism Cards” project is written for both plants and animals. Light and water apply to plants only, not particularly to animals. Food and shelter, on the other hand, applies mostly to animals.Choos the organizing topics appropriate to your organism.

Find out what adaptations your plant or animal has made to survive in its habitat.