Tuesday 30 October 2012

No homework tonight. We’ve begun a writing assignment, and both Grade 4 and 5 are working through some review math questions prior to an upcoming test, but neither were assigned as homework tonight.

Grade 5s have begun to learn the days of the week in French. As has been the case so far, we are not learning the spelling, just the proper pronunciation.



Students are encouraged to bring their costume to school on Wednesday… with some cautions. No weapons are allowed, nor is make-up, even if that is an essential part of the costume. We’ll have a fairly “normal” morning, but will be taking part in a Halloween parade at 1:15, followed by a party in our room. Costumes, which are, of course, optional, won’t be put on until 1:00 pm.

As for the party, if your child would like to bring a little something, that would be appreciated. We do not need snacks for all 28, because if all students did that, we’d be inundated. Aim to provide baking or snacks for perhaps 12 people or so. I will provide plastic glasses and paper plates, and something to drink. We’ll have some Halloween activities, but given how much sugar they’ll be getting later that night, we won’t be going wild with our party.

If you can join us in the gym at 1:15 to witness the whole school in their Halloween parade finery, please do!

By the way, today is a bit unusual in that there were several posts put up today, so please scroll down to read the other information. Thanks!