Tuesday 16 October 2012


Today we checked progress on the 3 times tables. Your child should have brought home the results of this quiz for your signature. If they know their times tables so well they can answer 22 or more questions on the 3 times tables in 2 minutes, they are considered to have “passed” this challenge. If not, students will need to re-write the quiz at their convenience once they have mastered the 3 times tables, but not before next week. Indeed, it may take several weeks before they can give the answers rapid fire.

Meanwhile, the class will start to prepare for the 5 times tables, which will be the next one to be time-tested.



Gr 5 are in the process of learning numbers from 11-21, which builds on their knowledge of the numbers from 1-10 we did recently.



I have set up an online weblog (“blog”) for my self and each of the students. Everything they post can be read by anyone in the world, including our Principal, me, you, a grandparent, or the students of a Gr. 4/5 class half way around the world. The wider audience demands a high level of spelling, grammar, and punctuation skill, but it is also gratifying as a young writer to receive comments about their writing… which is where you might come in. We’d love it if you could periodically check out our blogs and perhaps leave a comment.


For your information, all posts and comments go through me first, so it is strictly moderated, and safe for all kids. No email address is required. They’ve all been taught by me how to select a secure password that is easy to remember, and so one of their first tasks is to change the generic password they were given into their own personal, secure, but easy-to-remember password. Then they should be ready to upload their first post tonight.


I was able to give students who had brought a memory stick a digital copy of their first post, to save typing time tonight. If they didn’t bring a memory stick, they’ll  have to type it at home tonight.

We’ll be posting weekly or so, but students are encourage to read and comment as much and as often as they like (you too!).


There are many many other Grade 4 and Grade 5 classes in North America who also blog, and I hope to connect with some of them, but for now, our students are busy posting their first blog entry. Exciting times!