Tuesday 29 May 2012


Social Studies:
Gr. 5s have a chapter quiz on Government (Chptr 5 in the text) (F)

Gr. 6s  p. 182, # 5-8 (W)

Gr. 5s: Have the Family Life activity sheet # 7 completed (F); final quiz on Family Life (F)
Gr 6s: We have had one Family Life session; we will complete the next 5, including a visit from the Community Health nurse over the next two school weeks; final quiz will be Friday June 8

We are working through our Unité 4 Les animaux (animals). Students are listening to learn the correct pronunciation, and they have a series of sheets that have the french/english translations of the sentences and phrases they need to become familiar with.

Electricity: students are asked to bring in a D cell battery (or a C cell if no Ds available) as we begin a hands-on part of learning about series circuits and then parallel circuits.

Outdoor School:
Most, but not all parents of Grade 6 students have returned the paperwork  & cheque for outdoor school. We go up a little less than two weeks from now… from Monday 11 June to Friday 15 June.