Thursday 26 April 2012

Notwithstanding the rain this morning, we said a fond farewell to our salmon by releasing them into Hastings Creek near Argyle Secondary School. The creek was full of fish, and not just because of our efforts. That stream also holds coho salmon (who spend the entire year in the stream), as well as wild trout, both of which were seen. We also viewed a fish ladder up close, and released a total of 105 salmon fry.

Once back at school we examined some of the gravel and mud we had brought back from the bottom of the stream, and several people saw tiny aquatic worms and other larval insects… perfect salmon food! Later in the day we learned how to use microscopes, and examined some of the stream water for microscopic critters, but alas, our skill wasn't up to the task. No bacteria visible to us.

Thank you to the parents who were able to help drive today. Your availability made the trip possible!

We did not get to the Grade 5 Social Studies test today, but will reschedule for tomorrow (Friday 27 April).