Friday 13 April 2012

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From: Paul Clarke <>
Date: April 13, 2012 4:57:02 PM PDT
Subject: Friday 13 April 2012


I am sending this in the hopes that my email client at school will succeed where my browser has not. I cannot connect to the internet again, so will try this workaround.

Today several notices went home today about upcoming field trips.

This coming Thursday 19 April we will be going to the Headwaters of the Lynn Canyon under the supervision of WildEd, an environmental educational organization. We’ll need parent-drivers to get us there (9:00 am) and pick us up (2:30 pm). Any parents that wish to join us for the hike are more than welcome! A packed lunch and water bottle will be required that day, as will be suitable footwear and outerwear to allow students to be comfortable outside all day.

Then, the following week we will be releasing our salmon, and again parent drivers will be required.

There is no new homework this weekend, although Gr. 5s will have a math test next week.