Friday 3 February 2012


Please have the proposal completed for Mrs. Martin by Tuesday 7 February.

Gr. 5 students who need extra help, look for online questions to follow-up on "Repeated Halving"
otherwise, no other Gr. 5 math homework.
Gr. 6: Nearly all need to re-do some or all of p. 184-187. At least have the point of this is to take the time to write math questions in a clear, orderly layout with pages clearly identified, neat numbers, etc. The other half of the reason it needs to be re-done is to demonstrate concept attainment.

No Gr 6 socials homework;
Gr 5s:  p. 38-43 Double-page point form notes (pfn) (M)

Don't forget a yoga mat or beach towel for next Tuesday and Thursday; gym strip is required M, W, F.