Wednesday 1 February 2012


No new homework today.

1)  Students will need a beach towel (not white) or a yoga mat Tuesdays and Thursdays for Daily Physical Education ("DPA"), for approximately the next month. This last month DPA was conducted outside following a walk/run regime.

Boy, do our children ever need physical activity! A generation or two ago we walked everywhere or rode our bikes. We could run like the wind, and often did. Some of this generation of children are literally challenged to run for 1 minute! Even walking is a struggle. I was not a big fan of DPA when the government mandated it, but I have changed my tune completely! Sure, some kids ride their mountain bikes for hours at a time, and some kids can run like the wind for long stretches, but increasingly they are in the minority. Ok, I'm finished my rant!

2) Science quiz this Friday 3 February on the Pacific Salmon life cycle. What are the various stages, and what happens to the salmon during each stage of their remarkable lives.