Tuesday 24 January 2012

Looking ahead:

Our wild salmon eggs arrive tomorrow (Wednesday). This is an important resource to BC, and this species of fish is quite different from most, and makes for an interesting study. Meanwhile, with care, our class will be able to provide a disease-free, enemy-free space for the eggs to mature into alevin and then fry, before releasing them back into the wild in April. Today we conducted two water quality tests to ensure our tank is ready for the arrival of the eggs (and it is!).

On a different topic, look for a notice coming home tomorrow regarding our class having an "Historian in the Classroom" later this month.

We also will be having our next "Bee Guardian" lesson and follow-up activities with Ric and Sharon next Tuesday 31 January.

Today, Mrs. Martin started an Art research project with our class. The first deadline is a written outline that is due Tuesday 31 January 2012. Her instructions for that outline are quoted here:

"Research Notes About the Artist  Due Date: Tuesday, January 31, 2012     You will be researching the life and work of an artist of your choice, and making notes on the attached sheets. Your notes should be written in point form in your own words. Keep in mind as you research, that your notes will be your guide as you create your Tent Card, and as you present your final project to the class. It is important to record [snip] the websites that are sources of your information. You should use a minimum of three websites. If you also use books, magazines, or interviews or other sources, please list them [on the sheets given out today to all students]."

Subsequently Mrs. Martin will require a Project Proposal (Feb 7), a Profile Card (Feb 14) and some Art (Feb 23), all of which is or will be explained in detail to students in the package they received today.

Gymnastics finished today, with culminating "routines" the students devised in groups of their own choosing. I'll try to post video of them, or at least a link later on tonight.