How to take study notes


Social Studies
Gr. 5: p. 29-31 (Th)
Gr. 6: p. 54-56 (Th)

Use the two-page set-up.
Left page has Name/Date and “Questions” as its title.
Right page has Name/Date and “Notes” as its title.
Both pages then need the same Topic Heading and page numbers. Use the point-form format.

See the snapshot of our whiteboard.

Step 1: Read the material.

Step 2: Create point-form notes (pfn) on the right page.
Start with a dash, near the left margin. Each pfn needs a verb. Leave a blank line in between pfn.

Step 3: Create questions based on your pfn and try to place the question on the left-hand Questions page about opposite the note it is talking about. Step 4: When it comes time to study for your test, you can practice by reviewing your questions. Those are likely the very questions the teacher will be asking you on a test.

Include both simple, factual questions as well as more powerful questions. If it can be answered in a couple of words (when, what, who, where) that is good, but basic knowledge. More powerful questions ask opinions (“Which method of trading do you think is fairest, and why do you think that?”), or require evaluation (“Looking at the graph, which months were the wettest?”), or synthesis (“So why did the British win the war against the French?”). These kinds of questions don’t just require memorization, but actual understanding. Include both kinds of questions.


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