Wednesday 4 January 2012

Just a head's up to parents regarding students dressing for the weather.

Our class carpet can get quite soggy if students wear outside footwear into the classroom. I have therefore asked all students to bring indoor footwear to leave permanently in the classroom during the wettest months of the winter. Some have brought slippers, but anything will do: crocs, an extra pair of runners, sandals, etc. Please ensure your child has indoor footwear they can leave here.

Also, Daily Physical Activity (DPA) will resume this week for the Intermediates on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, and that fitness component will take place outside. Students will take part in a walk/run fitness regime and will need running shoes and perhaps a fleece top if it is rainy.

Finally, on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays, our class will be in the gym receiving gymnastics instructions over the next three weeks.

Welcome back!