Bee Keeping comes to Brooksbank!

Tomorrow Brooksbank starts a pilot program called "The BeeFriendly Native Bee Conservation Program". We have invited the Mayor, and the North Shore News to help celebrate the start of this program.

The program is a collaboration between bee experts, the community gardens and farm at Loutet Park, and Brooksbank school. Specifically, our class and Ms. Reichert's class will be involved this year.

Accordingly, we will have a class visit Tuesday morning (November 15) from beekeepers Ric Erikson and Sharon Lisette from 9:00 a.m. to 10:20 a.m. for our first lesson in beekeeping. The short story is that much of the prime bee habitat in the lower mainland has been lost; the North Shore remains one of the last places of refuge. Of the thousands of bees, most do not live in colonies, so they have no need or ability to sting. Others, like the Mason Bee, have a stinger, but are not agressive, and since there is no colony, don't display agressive or even defensive behaviour. More can be learned here: . The honeybee, which we are not involved with, does live in huge colonies, and do sting! We are not working with honeybees. Different bee species pollinate different plants, flowers, and vegetables. Our project is to increase habitat for the naturally occurring bees species that are native to our part of the world.

No new homework today.