Monday 7 November 2011


Gr 5: None.
Gr 6: Quiz on Wednesday; prep for it on p. 82-3

Gr 5:  Good copy of Census form with data (T)
Gr 6:  24-hour day data, paragraph, and circle graph (T)

Gish, gish, gish!  As we get into the rainy/snowy season, I am asking all students in my class to have indoor footwear left in the classroom for the next several months. If footwear worn outside is also worn inside, our carpets and floor get soggy and unhygienic. What constitutes "indoor footwear"? Well, I'm flexible. Some kids bring a pair of slippers. They could also have an indoor pair of runners, sandals, crocs, or anything else that is left here permanently for the next couple of months. Thanks for your help with this.


Reporting of your child's progress.

On October 25, 2011 John Lewis, Superintendent of Schools for our district, wrote a letter to all parents regarding reporting of student progress. In part, he wrote:

"Dear Parents/Guardians:

As we near the time of the year where parent-teacher interviews typically occur and report cards go home, I’d like to advise parents/guardians as to how the current job action will impact reporting of student progress.

As you may already know, the Labour Relations Board essential services order currently provides that teachers need not:
• Participate in meetings or interviews with parents/guardians outside of instructional time, or
• Participate in meet the teacher activities outside of instructional time, or
• Prepare or distribute report cards, or
• Provide any student assessment data to principals or school office staff, except Grade 12 marks required for graduation, post-secondary applications and scholarship purposes."

All teachers, including me, continue to both teach and assess progress. You and I are free to communicate as we normally would, so if you have any concerns or issues, please don't hesitate to raise them in person, or by phone or email (

As for reporting, I will be contacting parents on an as-needed basis to request a meeting. Our school has set aside Tuesday November 29 and Thursday December 1 from 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm as early dismissal so teachers and parents can meet. I will also provide information on your
child’s progress as needed through one or more of the following:
phone calls home;
your child's agenda book;
or a note with a space for you to sign to acknowledge receipt and to provide any feedback you may have.
If I do not contact you right away, you need not be concerned, and you can assume your son or daughter is doing
fine. Despite your child not receiving a report card, I will continue to teach and assess students as I always have.