Friday 28 October 2011


Gr. 5s p. 78-79 #1, 4, 5, 7, 9 (M)
Gr. 6s (handout p. 26-27) (M)

For Halloween (Monday):
-costumes can be brought to school in a bag… they can be worn starting at 1:00 pm but not before.
-no weapons, make-up, or masks.

-in the afternoon starting about 1:15 pm we'll begin our Halloween parade, starting with the Kindergartens. As they pass each successive class (walking around the outside of the school) then classes tag on the end of the parade. When the parade has picked up every class, we'll file through the gym (great photo op!), and then disperse back to our classes.

-in our case, the Gr. 6s will have a Halloween dance in the gym. Gr. 6 students are encouraged to bring cookies or some other party snack for the dance.
-the Gr. 5s will come back to our classroom where I will have some Halloween activities and we'll have our own party in our class. Gr. 5s are invited to bring some snacks for their party.