Monday 24 October

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Math quiz signed (T)

Gr. 5:  p. 7 List topics and create Point Form Notes from textbook (T)
Gr. 6:  p. 8  Bold definitions & 5 memorizations

Buddy Class:
Today we met with our buddy class (Mrs. Nykyforuk's Grade 2 class) for the first time. We meet next this Friday (28 October) and if your child can help by bringing a pumpkin carving kit (No knives, please!!!… just the little toothed saws, and the scrapers s.v.p.) the day before, that would be great. If you need them for this weekend, fear not: they can go home Friday afternoon. Our class, being older, will help the younger kids with a design, and with the carving of the Gr. 2s' small pumpkins. We won't have a pumpkin, but the Gr. 2s will. Our job is to support the younger ones with help carving. Hence the need for carving sets! Thanks for your assistance with this. Again, no knives please.


We studied the esophagus today as part of the Digestive System. The core ideas are attached here.