Monday 3 October 2011

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Dear Families,


This year I am happy to introduce a very exciting learning tool in our classroom; our very own student written blog.  A weblog, or blog for short, will function much as our classroom walls, except through posting and creating work online, we will be able to solicit comments from students across the globe on our work, as well as classmates. This new writing opportunity affords us the chance to help students develop their writing while exposing it to a potentially global audience, thus leading to in-depth discovery, reflection, and redirection in their literacy skills.


The blog’s main function will be to promote a continual writing process, featuring book reviews, poetry, journal reflections as well as a chance for students to develop critical thinking skills as they comment and guide each other.  Not all work will be graded, however, all work will be assessed for effort made and progress shown.  By having a real audience, students will learn to focus their writing to target specific groups as well as continue to develop their own unique writing voice, all in an e-portfolio format.

This wonderful learning project is set up to eliminate any Internet risks for your child.  No personal information will be disclosed.  Passwords will only be made available to the individual student and teacher.


I will set up our student blog and students will be given access to post their finished work and comments.  All comments and posts have to be approved by me before they are made visible to the public, however, students with at-home computer accessibility will be able to post assignments and comments from home, too.   Parents and family members are encouraged to also get involved and will be given the website so that they become part of our learning conversation.


We have discussed proper Internet usage, blog etiquette, as well as how to comment constructively and not critically. Students will be expected to sign and follow all of the Internet safety pledges set forth in our Classroom Internet Safety Plan which I have attached. Please download, print it, sign it, and have your child return it so s/he can begin blogging.


All of these efforts developed through this blog are part of our lifelong learning and I hope to set the students on a wonderful path acquiring digital skills!

You can find our blog here:

(just click on the only blog currently posted, which is titled “Welcome to Division 3!”)


Best Regards,


Paul Clarke