Thursday 22 September 2011


There is no new homework today, although I have asked students to finish math corrections they were given today.

We will be having a math quiz on the topic of big numbers next week, so now is the time for your child to ask for help if there are sections of the work we've done that are troublesome, or which they don't completely understand.

Bee keeping:
Yesterday our school was treated to a fabulous presentation on bee-keeping by a husband/wife team who keep bees at the Queen Mary garden. In 40 minutes our students learned more interesting facts about bees, and their current plight (populations down by more than 50%… closer to 80% on Vancouver Island) than you could have imagined. The beekeepers brought a small hive in a glass-fronted sealed container holding a thousand or more bees, and lots of their tools of the trade, great pictures and posters, beeswax that the bees made into honeycombs, man-made versions of the same, beeswax candles, a honey extractor, and each child got a taste of delicious local honey. Mmmmm.

Here are a few thoughts from students in our class after the presentation:

"My favourite part of the beekeeping was seeing all the bees in that 2-foot glass fronted bee hive, because I've only ever seen it on tv."

"The presentation was really cool. Like, did you know bees live to only about 40 days".

"I really enjoyed learning about bees because I was always scared of them but now that I know that they are really good for the planet, I understand that they are just like us."

"I think it's so cool that there's a fly that can disguise itself as a wasp so real wasps don't try to attack it."

"I found out that honeybees are the only bees who live in hives during the winter. With other bees they live underground from October until April".

"I found out that boy bees are called drones. They don't have a stinger, and they do not do any work in the hive, so in the winter they get kicked out, and they die."