Wednesday 21 September 2011

Fire Drill today:

I am so proud of our Gr. 5/6 class.

Proud because they showed themselves to be mature, poised and calm students during our (unannounced) fire drill today. On their own, they vacated the classroom, took the emergency kit with them, left behind the "OK" sign on the outside of the classroom door, walked in a mannerly fashion down to the gravel field where they lined up in the proper spot and awaited further instruction. Usually all of this is done under the direction of the teacher, but I felt as a class they would act in a thoughtful way, and that natural leaders would step forward if I absented myself (which I did, purposefully). From a safe distance I watched as they calmly, but quickly responded to the fire alarm bell. Because it was unannounced, it was not certain how individuals would react. Now I know. So do they. So does the Principal. Congratulations to every member of Division 3 for handling the situation so well.


Gr. 5:  p. 45 # 1-3 (Th)
Gr. 6:  p. 50 # 12-15 (Th)

Also, in our read-aloud novel, "Tuck Everlasting", mention is made of a music box. We talked about them in class, and several students said they had a music box at home. If it is not too delicate, or valuable, and your child wishes to bring in a music box, I'd be delighted if they could.