Friday 16 September 2011

No homework for this weekend.

Today in French class, I showed the students several YouTube videos which are geared at beginner French learners. From YouTube, try entering something like "French pronunciation numbers" in the search field. You will get lots of choices. Some show the spelling, some don't. Most have excellent pronunciation from native french speakers. I tell the kids to put on a pair of headphones, ignore the visual image, close their eyes, and listen very closely to the spoken French numbers. Don't worry just yet about how to spell these words. Concentrate on learning the sound of the words. Here are two good examples:

or try this one:

Sometimes the pace is very slow, other videos the pace is fast, but in nearly all cases the pronunciation is very good.

I find using YouTube can be an excellent way to practice speaking aloud, with excellent pronunciations to guide the student. Avoid any of the for-a-fee sites; they are aimed at business people who need to learn the basics of a language quickly (at considerable cost!).

Have a great weekend!