Thursday 15 September 2011

Les nombres.doc
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For those who did not finish in class…

Gr. 5  p. 42 # 5-9
Gr 6.  p. 49 # 7-11

Today's entry on elephants & their habits.

We are starting with numbers from 1-20. I've included here a summary of numbers, which provides the correct spelling, although at this point students need to focus more on the correct pronunciation. If prompted "How do you say 10 in French?", students should be able to respond from memory with good pronunciation. Students should also be able to hear a French number, and be able to recognize it, and say that number in English.

I do not by any means want students to feel they must learn all these numbers  on the document above. I expect it will take several weeks even to learn numbers up to 20, so I provide the document here for reference purposes only. Students can read it here or even download it and print it.