Wednesday 14 September 2011

Thank you to those parents who have been quick to return the various forms, earthquake kits, school supplies, etc. That really helps us get off to a quick start!


Gr. 5:  p. 41 # 1-4

Gr. 6:  p. 48 # 1-6

As I have told the students, if they ever get home and find they (and you) don't know how to answer a particular, question, they should not feel they'll somehow get in trouble for not having all their homework finished. Students should get done what they can at home; I can usually solve the problem in seconds or minutes the next morning at considerably less stress. Just a quick note from you in their agendas would suffice. But students should not be staying up past bedtime, upset, because of homework. As a parent, you make the call when enough is enough. I'd much rather your child got a good night's rest, so together we can have a go at the sticky problem the next day.

Our first Scholastic Book order has been collected. Thank you to those parents who remembered to send in cheques, not cash for the Scholastic order. Much appreciated!