Monday 16 May 2011


Gr 5s will complete their Geometry quiz (T)

Circulatory Quiz (T)

"My Music" poster for Mr. Karr (T)

Tomorrow (Tuesday 17 May 2011) is the track meet at Handsworth High School. Parents who will be driving those children who are going to Handsworth,  need to be at Brooksbank to pick up your child by about 11:30-11:45 a.m. Parents need to sign your child out from Brooksbank at the office. Athletes should bring their lunch with them to Handsworth, but be prepared for a 12:00 pm start. Warm dry outer clothing is a must! Upon arrival at Handsworth, all Brooksbank athletes need to check in with Ms. Anna Coffin, and when their event is over they need to check out with Anna too (or her replacement if it is past 3:00 pm).

Sounds like cloudy with showers, so again, the ability to stay warm and dry for several hours will have a big impact on performance. Good luck to all competitors!.