Monday 9 May 2011


Gr. 4:  p. 138 (T)
Gr. 5:  p. 244:  1) Label the coloured objects;   2) 3 facts about each object (faces, edges, vertices) (T)

Gr. 4 Optional diorama (T)


1) We release our salmon to the wild tomorrow (Tuesday 10 May) at 9:00 am. We have lots of drivers, so a big thank you to those who stepped forward to volunteer your time. That is much appreciated!
We'll be driving to the site as soon after 9:00 am as I can manage, with the intention of coming back at 11:00 am so we are back at school by 11:15 a.m.

2) Hot lunch orders went out to the youngest or the only today.

3)  Snack orders for fun day went out today with the youngest or the only as well.