Friday 8 April 2011

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Reminder to the Grade 4s:
Monday morning (April 11) is the day we go up to the Bighouse. Grade 4 students will need to be at school early that day: plan to arrive Monday morning at 7:45 a.m. for an 8:00 a.m. departure. Remember to pack a separate backpack containing a water bottle, a snack, and waterproof rain gear.
That backpack goes on the bus with the student… their luggage will get loaded by the bus driver under the bus in the storage area, and once on the bus, students will not have access to their luggage until the Bighouse. Hence the need for a separate backpack. Ensure your child has gone to the bathroom before leaving home. Ms. Reichert and I will be going on the bus with the students. The parent volunteers will be driving up separately so we have an extra vehicle on site in case we need it.

The Gr. 4s will return Tuesday afternoon by 3:00 pm.

Gr. 5 students will be joined by the Gr. 5 students from Ms. Reichert’s class, and together they will be taught by Ms. Beleski in Clarke/Beleski’s room. They ought to arrive at school at the normal time.


Social Studies:
Gr. 5:  “Debating” table and thoughts completed (see attached for an outline) (W 13 April)


Gr. 5s: Read p. 155-156; study for a Measurement quiz (Friday 15 April).


Health & Career Education

To:  Parents of Grade 5s:

From Ms. Beleski:

As part of the Health and Career curriculum, we will be teaching the grade 5 students about physical, emotional, and social changes at puberty. A publication called “Always Changing: Co-Ed Student Guide 2010-2011” will be given to students to take home and discuss with parents (April 11-12)


Reminder: School supplies order forms are due in to the school no later than this Wednesday 13 April if your family plan to go that route.

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