Monday 28 March 2011

Welcome back to Term 3 at Brooksbank school!


Gr. 4:  Handout p. 104-5 (T)
Gr 5: No math homework.

Congratulations! Our baby salmon are growing up so fast! Over Spring Break most of the salmon alevin in our classroom tank matured and successfully became "swim-up fry". As you can see from the attached photos nearly all are swimming freely, as opposed to bumping along on the bottom. This means they have inflated their swim bladder and can now actually swim!

If you look closely in some of the photos you can see the hint of a ventral slit (orange-coloured) on some of their undersides. That means not all of the yolk sac has been fully absorbed. Others, as you can see, have fully closed ("buttoned up"). In a few days we'll begin feeding them!

Our Grade 4s will be going up to the Bighouse on April 11-12. Parents of Gr. 4s will receive an info package tomorrow (Tuesday) with a packing list, a Medical form to have filled out, and an Informed Consent to be filled out, signed, and returned along with a cheque. If, after reading the info package, you have concerns or questions, Ms. Reichert and I will be hosting an informal meeting in Ms. Reichert's room this Wednesday 30 March at 2:30 pm. This meeting is not mandatory, but is offered for those parents who wish more information.