Wednesday 2 March 2011


Gr. 4: Handout p. 210-211 (F). Also be aware that Friday will be a "get ready for a quiz on fractions & decimals" day, Monday will be a pre-quiz quiz, Tuesday will be a follow-up of the pre-quiz, and Wednesday of next week (March 9) will be a Quiz on Fractions & Decimals

Gr 5: p. 133 # 1-6 (F)

Gr. 4: complete the food pages in the handout from Ms. Reichert
Gr. 5: Read the Socials text p. 153-155; then trace, colour, and label the fish on p. 156 (F)

Gr. 5  continue to practice the days of the week and the months of the year.

Parent reminder:
Reports home this Friday; students will lead in a student/parent conference next Tuesday/Wednesday after school; please sign up for a time slot. Up to 4 families can be in the room at once, I will be circulating and available if you have questions, but note that this conference is not a sit-down private conversation with just you and me.