Friday 11 February 2011

Grammar Quiz to be signed by parent (M)

Grade 5:  Unit 5 test (Friday 18 Feb)

Speech, as part of Science Fair project (M/T)

Social Studies:
Gr. 4  p. 57-61: Read, make point form notes, then generate questions
Gr. 5  p 127-130; Read, make point form notes, then generate questions; then read p. 131 and do the "Think For Yourself" activity on p 132 (M)

I have uploaded an example of how students should do the point form notes, using a passage relating to the Toronto Maple Leaf hockey team back in 1967. You'll notice the right hand page is used to write down the important facts in point form notation, and questions, which are written on the left page opposite the point form note, are then generated by the student. In effect, the facts taken from the text are the answers to the questions the student makes up. Questions can be true/false or multiple choice, or straightforward factual questions. Not every point form note needs a question. The page number from which the notes come should be written at the top of the page for both the notes and the questions.

Monday is Valentine's Day! Don't forget your valentine cards for everyone

Monday is also Jump Rope for Heart day. If your child collected any donations on behalf of the Heart and Stroke foundation, please bring those donations in the Jump Rope for Heart envelope on Monday. Even if no money was raised, your child will take part in some fun jump rope activities at school on Monday morning.

Grade 4s need to get their Bighouse permission form in a.s.a.p.

Gr 4 and 5s need to get their t-shirt form and $12 in a.s.a.p.

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