Wednesday 9 February 2011


Gr. 5  p. 208  # 1-5 (F) as well, there is a quiz on Friday also on mixed numbers to improper fractions and vice versa (ie: 27/6 = 4 3/6); estimating decimals to the nearest whole number (6.32 = 6); and adding and subtracting decimals.

Gr. 5: two handouts from Ms. Reichert

All: Ms. Beleski reminds all students to bring a large envelope (Th)

All: please bring a completed "t-shirt" form and $12 a.s.a.p. (form posted here on Feb. 7)

All:  This message to all parents from Ms. Beleski:
Here is a great resource for Internet Safety advice for Parents (related to Health & Career Ed):

Gr. 4s: please bring back the completed "Bighouse" letter of permission a.s.a.p.