Tuesday 8 February 2011


In the attached file, you can see how your child will be evaluated for the science fair.

There are three components:

1) Their written research/report
2) Their 3-panel display ("the poster" as it is referred to in the attached file)
3) Their 3-minute speech (the "presentation")

I will add that at the Gr. 5 level I am not overly rigorous in insisting that all parts appear in the experimental write-up . For example, in their written report, I do want a title page, and I do want a separate  table of contents, but then I am fine if students combine Purpose and Hypothesis onto one page. I like to see a section called "Method" which is where the student records step-by-step instructions on how the experiment was carried out. Next comes the Results sections. Last is the Conclusion section. Then, students need to record where their ideas came from ("Bibliography"). They might list important websites (give the exact URL so I can find the site if need be), or personal interviews they had with a helpful adult, or books/magazines etc. Last is a short section of Acknowledgements where the student says thanks to those who inspired/helped/encouraged them in this project.

This same format should be repeated on the 3-panel display, but re-written in a shorter, more concise version. Fewer words, slightly bigger font, leaving out unimportant details, and relying on graphic elements to show what happened. Pictures, drawings, charts, graphs, etc., that are in the write-up should also appear on the display, but perhaps in a bigger format, or a more colourful format. The write-up could be entirely in black and white, whereas the display board relies heavily on careful use of colour.

If your child is in Gr. 4 but has elected to conduct an actual experiment, the same format should be followed.

If, however, your child built a model or a demonstration, then quite different headings will be used. There would be no Purpose/Hypothesis/Method/Results/Conclusions sections. Instead, there may, depending on the topic, be a Historical overview, or a Modern Day usage, or a section on Myths surrounding their topic, or perhaps even a section where the student shows any current practical applications in real life for their model or demonstration topic.

Feel free to drop me a note or send email if you have a question. In the meantime, do please mark Wednesday 16 February at 6:30-7:30 pm on your calendars when we will be showcasing all the science fair projects from Grade 4 to 7 here at Brooksbank.