Monday 7 February 2011


Gr. 4s: Nothing, apart from notices home.


Gr. 5:  p. 198 # 1-5 (T)

Gr 5:  les jours (T)

1) For parents of Grade 4 students: expect to see a notice home today re: our overnight trip to the "bighouse" in April. Lots more information to come.
2) For parents of the youngest or the only: a hot lunch notice went home today. Orders are now placed online, not on paper.
3) For all parents: A fun t-shirt activity has been offered, and a notice regarding that went home today as well.

Copies of # 1 and # 3, above, are attached here.

Science Fair projects: 3-panel displays and the (separate) writing is due this Friday 11 February. Please speak to me if you have questions or concerns.

First Parent Letter 2011.pdf
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T-shirt letter.pdf
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