Monday 17 January 2011

Field Trip:

Ms. Beleski would like to thank the parents who have made themselves available for this Thursday's field trip to the Artists for Kids studio. She now has enough parent drivers. Many thanks!

Language Arts:
Grammar quiz signed (T)

Gr. 5:  p. 185 # 1-5 (2a + 4a only) (T)
Gr. 4:  Practicing 9 times tables for those who did not pass the 2-minute timed test last week or today; practicing 11 times tables this week. We are beginning a unit on Fractions and Decimals.

Numbers Quiz signed (T)

Science Fair Project
Many students have now chosen a suitable topic. The process works best if they pitch their idea to me verbally. Then, with occasional input/alterations from me, they then write the topic up as a formal Proposal, which I then sign off on. That should be completed no later than this Friday.