Friday 14 January 2011


1) Prepare a title page for our unit on "Renewable and Non-Renewable Resources". Include that title, your name, and some images of resources. Some of the resources we talked about in class were:
all the elements that go into the manufacturing of a pencil; also natural resources in general (timber, fresh water, iron, etc), and living resources (trees, cows, etc), as well as recreational resources (golf courses, ski areas, etc.)

2) Science Fair:
See PDFs uploaded today for complete information, dates, deadlines, etc.

Gr 4s only: We talked about how authors use different methods to "hook" the reader into reading their book by carefully choosing their first sentences. Students are to write up a sentence or two for each of the book beginning methods they recorded. For example: comedy; action/adventure; fantasy; animal; war; science fiction; asking a question; posing a "strange" or scary situation, etc.

Gr 5s only: Decimals Quiz (M)

Intro Science Fair.pdf
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Science Experiment outline.pdf
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